Elevating the designer outlet experience and shaping the concept of destination shopping, McArthurGlen is Europe’s leading owner, developer and manager of Designer Outlets. Currently operating 25 designer outlets with 675,000 sq m of retail space of across 10 countries with intelligence software from Retail Advantage.


In 2005 McArthurGlen decided to streamline the way they communicated and reported information between head office, centres and tenants. The key requirements were:

  • Improve the speed in which data can be collected and collated from tenants
  • Enhance performance with analytics of market trends and sales data to help partners identify areas for growth
  • Improve the quality of the data collected by minimising human error
  • Reduce the time taken to create reports essential to the business
  • Improve the communication between head office, centres and brand partners



Working closely with ART Software Group, McArthurGlen used Retail Advantage to launch a complete retail performance management platform to facilitate their reporting and communication, and we have been working together for over 15 years. Retail Advantage smoothly integrates with McArthurGlen’s key systems to accept and transfer information, such as leasing, CRM, asset management and their corporate extranet. 

Arming centre management with tools, available in a number of languages, which present analytics that genuinely help teams perform better and be connected in smarter ways. Retail Advantage provides reporting and data visualisation to users across McArthurGlen’s entire business locations. 

Instead of a static solution where we simply dictate how things should work, Retail Advantage is a base platform that is often enhanced by client requests and the long standing collaboration is a testament to this. Retail Intelligence tools have long been an essential part of McArthurGlen’s strategy, delivering accurate business analytics in real-time and connected-centres focused on shared knowledge and objectives.

” The solution provided to us by ART combines excellent business reporting and performance monitoring together with communication and security features. By making use of this leading technology our business has access to critical information in real time from across our entire portfolio, allowing us to maximise profits, reduce time and costs of communications and quickly alert us to any potential problems. “

Neil Townsend, Senior Business Analyst – McArthurGlen Group