IT Project Management

At ART we work closely with you to provide solutions and architecture to overcome business problems and deliver your goals. This is done through focussed offerrings and recognised industry best practices. Together with our partners, we deliver innovative solutions which delight our customers, mitigating IT risks and maximising performance.

Integration Specialists

Utilising current and emerging technologies often requires you to overcome complex systems integration challenges. With older, legacy systems and hardware, finding the best way forward can become a struggle without the right expertise.

With our systems integration specialists, ART can help you manage these technology changes – from requirements planning to architecture and testing through to deployment. We are with you every step of the way and beyond with ongoing support.

Original Software Design

Business processes that cause interruptions to workflow or don’t produce the results you expect are frustrating. Older tools promote outdated methods that don’t always deliver.

Sometimes you need a new approach. Often achieving your goals and making ideas reality is not as far from your grasp as you might think.

ART has a great deal of experience in designing software to meet you exact needs. To deliver results and make a difference where it counts.

We would love to help

With over 20 years experience in retail innovation and other industries, It would be great to understand more about your project and to explore how we can help.

Software Showcase

Retail Advantage

To stay ahead in any business you have to be aware of changes to your situation, no matter how subtle. Retail Advantage provides you with fast access to data through explorative tools that help you understand what is impacting performance and where you can adjust to improve.

Data collection from multiple sources and smart-visualisations that are easy to use are a key part of Retail Advantage. Add to that sharing and communications tools that inspire a working community and you have a complete tool for your retail and leisure destination.

Insight into what works and under what conditions give a clear understanding of what has been seen to yield poor ROI, and assists with allocating resources to initiatives that are proven to deliver results.

global retail advantage

Unlock the potential in data...