We have reached the one month mark in lockdown here in the UK, so how is everyone feeling? The days seem to go quickly, yet somehow our time within the same familiar walls feels longer. Like running a marathon, this is a unique experience for everyone, and it demands determination. With some European retail destinations poised to reopen, it helps the rest of the industry envisage the finish line of necessary closures. We are sharing ways to ramp up resilience and effectively come out of this. Our inspiring insight to spur us on in this last stretch comes from a professional marathoner.

“Winning is about struggle and effort and optimism, and never, ever, ever giving up.” – Amby Burfoot

Retail is often a great showcase for effort, even though it has faced more than its fair share of pessimistic news stories. The retail industry has moved to change the rules that defined it for a century, so despite this current severe struggle, it will never give up.

Customers tethered to their tech devices are looking to the finish line too. Even whilst safety remains front of mind, a mix of services that customers have been deprived of, like social shopping in physical places will be possible in the not too distant future. Community tools to provide effective analytics and reporting methods will prove even more important for retail and leisure destinations that want to win and engage customers as well as tenants.

This shared struggle was a lesson in collaboration against outside forces. Winning will require effort and optimism to make safe and enticing environments to stage your comeback. Success will also require accurate data to drive robust operational practices, strong communication and strategy with partners because like you, they are determined not to give up.

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