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Raconteur just featured Kat Norton’s fundamentals of teaching tech, and it caught our eye as our experience confirms that user engagement is essential for software and the people using it to thrive. Known to her followers as Miss Excel, Norton offers video-based learning for Microsoft packages and selected Google applications. Dance moves and popular tunes might indeed account for a large percentage of her audience (over a million followers across Instagram and Tik Tok), but her courses are marketed to both businesses and individuals that want to feel “more comfortable and empowered” by improving their understanding of the software.

Miss Excel has become a seven-figure business by energetically teaching people tech. Norton promises her clients “less time fumbling with spreadsheets & more time doing what you love.” This resonates well with the technology we designed to serve the retail and leisure industry, so we wanted to share some of her teaching tech fundamentals:

1. Creativity is crucial for any CIO

By adopting industry-specific technology, Chief Information Officers and Customer Experience Managers can ensure that the information resonates with retail teams. Access to quick and creative data visualisations that are relevant to specific roles or tasks allows people to easily digest and flexibly utilise the learnings to enhance performance.

2. Automate!

Once you have discovered reliable 1-click analysis you won’t go back. Our highly versatile reporting tools are industry leading, and provide that essential time to use data insights strategically and put your plans into action – or what Norton might call “more time doing what you love.”

3. Bite-sized training sessions

We help everyone across your retail and leisure community to be updated and engaged by tailoring our training sessions, from property managers to brand partners. Our team successfully launches Retail Advantage with digestible sessions and bite-sized tips, which move intuitively whenever you want them across your app and management platform.

We would like to hear from you, and share our experience with tools that deliver agility for people and the retail and leisure places they operate. 

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