From the larger issues to the everyday changes, the corona crisis will undoubtedly alter the retail and leisure industry. Once we shift back to normality, it will be important to learn from the experience and unity we created when faced with a call to action.

At ART we feel it is important to prepare for a faster recovery than expected. Although the timeline is difficult to predict, recovery planning takes time and must start whilst businesses are reacting to the situation as it progresses day by day.

As retail maps its road in the recovery we are sharing insights from people with experience in their field: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships” – Michael Jordan

Retail is at the forefront of inspiring teamwork – helping customers to get essential items in their baskets during this challenging time. Immediate access to data is also helping landlords and tenants with the timely intelligence they need.

Reaching partners and customers with reliable, relevant information is invaluable in normal times to improve operations and profitability, and it is proving particularly crucial now for critical communications. Business models will inevitably incorporate more technology and intelligence beyond crisis management.

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