Changing demographics and increasingly urbanised populations reaffirm the need for community spaces where we can socialise, rejuvenate and be entertained.  The shopping centre has evolved with more than traditional shopping in mind, which demands more than traditional data capture. 

Shopping centres are reinventing themselves and reaffirming their central role as a community hub.  This is impacting the tenant mix with an increasingly curated edit of surprising pop-ups along with key traffic drivers, kiosks and smaller shops. Temporary, more flexible units keep customers entertained and engaged, but can pose a challenge without the right retail intelligence.  Having the most complete picture of how your retail assets and business processes are performing enables you to adapt far more quickly to the ever changing conditions of retail-location management.

Retail Advantage is helping our clients leverage data and measure elements like the tenant mix to confirm or rethink the stores and locations that customers are responding to.

Fun or fine food offerings and events are increasing with experiences and environments designed for quality time with family and friends.  A lot of time, effort and budget goes into shoppable experiences, so the right tools to measure what does and doesn’t work and why is integral.  Retail Advantage makes exploring the value of an investment easier with a more transparent view on progress and the results of each initiative.  Analysis of your marketing activities and tenant coaching is enhanced through seeing the impact of a single action or multiple events from a variety of perspectives using intelligent, interactive tools.

The customer is more complex, shopping centres are more complex, but Retail Advantage gives you instant insights and greater understanding of your retail business.

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