Stores are diversifying and providing a variety of services designed to meet the expectations of Millenials and Gen Z, however it is not only new customers, but also the new workforce that is requiring retail to evolve.  

In order to provide the ultimate customer experience, centre managers and retailers should look at ways to enable good staff experience with tools that engage and empower them to work more fluidly.  For example, instant access to analytics tailored to a particular task can help to zone in on what’s going on, highlight problems, and show us what we can do better. This is particularly crucial now as the experiential age demands that retail teams adapt to new sales and operational capabilities in order to succeed. 

At ART, we have a unique angle on workforce engagement – our solution, Retail Advantage helps retail locations combine performance data with an online portal to deliver powerful reports and aid communications.  We’ve been working with strategic analytics in retail since 2006, and our experience shows that access to intelligence and good staff communication channels can have a significant impact on the overall workforce experience, which in turn helps to attract and retain new talent.  

Data provides an incredible opportunity for retail with reports that can be compiled with one-click and securely shared for immediate action.  Tools that facilitate collaboration and quick messaging are invaluable as time is in higher demand than ever. 

Of course reworking retail is not simply about data, it’s about the impact that sharing insights has and creating meaningful work, which is becoming increasingly important to today’s workforce, and not just for millennials.

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