We are excited for Revo 2017 to meet and mingle with our community of people and businesses that together create great places for work, rest and play.  

A good time to digest the realities and predict future trends, data mining makes way for knowledge driven decisions. We will be showcasing Retail Advantage, our data analysis and management platform for retailers, shopping centres, outlets and managed retail locations.

Here are a few talking points we look forward to discussing at Revo 2017…

Retail is a data rich, time poor industry  

Transitioning from descriptive data capture to diagnostic analytics. How we can help uncover strategic insights from data and leverage time previously spent making sense of it.  

Shoppers are demanding more 

How we can help measure the results of added value strategies to allow you to analyse your retail performance through KPIs, sales performance analytics and footfall metrics.

The need to be stable and secure has never been greater 

How we can help provide the tools you need to distribute information instantaneously with a transparent view of who has seen what and when with secure digital delivery.  

See us at Revo or start a discussion now

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