Technology plays a major role in retail’s glossy front-end, but with cost pressures and disruption from the wave of digital technologies, how can shopping centres rethink their back-end solutions to deliver efficiency with something just as slick?

Tailored retail intelligence software empowers businesses with the tools needed to re-tune strategies and deploy tactics that are trending front of house.


Customisation has been growing for a while and will continue to do so thanks to the development of technology coupled with the increasingly interactive role of consumers. This is a movement, not a passing trend.  Our experience shows that data solutions designed with customisation, not only enhance the user experience, but also the insights delivered.  We designed Retail Advantage with highly configurable dashboards to be user-intuitive and one-click-customisable. The right technology offers insight into business performance levels to ensure you are seeing everything you need to know, the way you want to see it.


Brand collaborations allow businesses to tap into the approach and customers of other organisations.  Behind the scenes collaboration is not only desirable, but more crucial in the age of omnichannel.  We help our clients with technology designed for collaboration. Each area of Retail Advantage enables reporting of key information relevant to your business situation. Detailed sharable reports provide strategic understanding of customer movements, spending patterns, property revenue and marketing performance.  


Customer experience is more important than ever. Moving from traditional methods of data collection and analysis can be a daunting step, but streamlining laborious manual data collection and automating reporting should also be a smooth experience.  Once up and running, the right software solution not only saves money, but valuable time.

Extensive experience in software systems developed working with the industry has shown the powerful role technology plays in transforming back-end systems with performance-enhancing analytics.  

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