Digital de-clutter your data strategy with Retail Advantage tools

September is that time of year when we get back into a routine, which means it is a key time to check in on the systems in place in the lead-up to the biggest season for retail and leisure. 

See our top tips to optimise your retail destination’s digital strategy and de-clutter where necessary.

1. Think accessibility  

It’s important to make sure that you are getting the most out of the data you collect and that it delivers value to the people and brand partners working across your retail destination. 

Reviewing the data different partners and teams can access may help de-clutter hurdles that make the analytics less timely and the insights less actionable. 

Data can be very siloed, so through Retail Advantage, we structure data to be consistent. This way, analytics are presented dynamically to different teams, but still working to the same defined standards. This is essential for a portfolio of centres, but it is equally important for individual retail and leisure destinations so that different teams can access the data in real-time. 

2. Prioritise accuracy 

It is no surprise that destinations thrive on accuracy. It is essential to have the most reliable data you can. If you don’t have accurate data then you are making decisions based upon anecdotal information or simply guessing. Data gets old quickly, so it is essential to swiftly collect, incorporate checks and connect the right data points. Understanding the truth about your traffic and the impact of campaigns and other influences gives you the accuracy to target sales and increase performance. 

3. Be active 

Data only drives impact when you use the learnings.  Whether you are measuring the performance of a destination, street or store, get active about what you are measuring and what you aren’t and why. When building a picture of what is happening at a retail or leisure location, it is good to ask:

  • What questions does the data answer? 
  • What else would you like to know and are there any information gaps? 
  • How can you add value for brand partners with a data sharing strategy that helps support shared goals? 

Looking for a digital de-clutter and support with your data strategy? Get in touch or meet us at Completely Retail Marketplace in London on 27 September 2022. If you are attending, we would be delighted to share our experience and demonstrate Retail Advantage at our Stand 114. 

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