HOLLYWOOD BOWL at Resorts World

The emerging demand for customers to find camaraderie in retail spaces is unsurprising, given everything we have been through over the past four years. The concept of competitive socialising ranges from traditional activities like bowling and mini golf to VR gaming or experiences launched off the back of popular TV shows. From strategic games to physical sports, there is something for everyone, enticing more diverse groups of people to your retail destinations. 

This trend can significantly enhance a shopping centre’s offering and generate sustainable profitability if landlords and operators utilise data insights to effectively plan and measure their leisure pivot. Proven benefits include driving footfall, increasing dwell time, and enhancing customer experience. Strong communication with tenants can also help retailers be part of the journey so that everyone can capitalise on the potential of new lifestyle destinations. 

Competitive Socialising friends playing pool at a retail destination

Tenant Relations

You must be armed with accurate data and analytics to guide you and your brand partners through any changes for successful implementation. 

Retail Advantage is a powerful insights platform with tools to help you measure and make wins. An accurate, current view of the data is essential to understand whether visitors who engage in competitive socialising activities spend more time at the shopping centre and which conditions turn longer visits into increased spending in retail stores, restaurants or other entertainment venues. Here are some important things to consider and measure for successful implementation: 

  • Impact on Existing Tenants: Data-backed insights will help you assess how new attractions affect current tenants. Increased foot traffic can benefit nearby stores, but noise or crowds might be a concern. A trusted view of KPIs will arm your launch and help address any teething issues.
  • Synergies: Identify opportunities for alliances between the new attraction and existing tenants. For example, a mini-golf course next to a family restaurant could be mutually beneficial.
Family leisure at retail destination
  • Communication is key: By maintaining open and transparent communication with existing tenants, you can effectively address their concerns and manage their expectations. Retail Advantage provides a Retail Community & Insights Hub, a platform designed to foster collaboration and achieve the best performance. This ensures that your tenants have up-to-date information, enhancing the overall success of implementation.
  • Community Engagement: Competitive socialising venues may host events and special promotions that can foster not only tenant synergy but also customer engagement. Strengthening community presence can increase loyalty and garner support from local residents, further driving traffic and sales opportunities.

Incorporating leisure in a data-oriented way will win competitive advantages. As consumer preferences shift towards experiential shopping and entertainment, properties that offer unique and engaging activities are more likely to stand out in a crowded market.

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Image of Hollywood Bowl courtesy of our client Resorts World Birmingham

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