The right level of access to data drives both efficiency and innovation. In order to disrupt rather than be disrupted, leaders need a toolkit. The right retail analytics software can provide fast access to complete dashboard overviews and enable in-depth insights for each area of business performance.  


Visual analysis helps more people see and understand data so you can unlock collective potential.  Disruptive times call for robust collaboration so we believe in creating a safe space to democratise data.  Retail portfolios run on data, but they also rely on clear communication. One cloud-based dashboard can provide customisable heat maps to measure KPIs and laser in on days, weeks, months or specific event periods. These learnings can also be viewed as tabular reports with 1-click and shared securely.

Automatically analyse in real-time

Moving forward from traditional spreadsheet methods allows you to achieve quality of data with software that can provide digital-validation and auditable system-assisted input.  When planning and operating a retail site you rely on data to answer key questions, so knowing the data at your fingertips is accurate and up-to-date is crucial.  Our experience shows that you get the most value from data when tools deliver a strategy-driven platform. Dashboards are designed for the individual at the moment of access and scaled for the benefit of the whole business.

Maximise all of your data, no matter where it is sourced

Do away with multiple spreadsheets that require constant attention from staff. Cloud solutions can leverage existing investments in data capture with automatic imports from multiple sources.  From traffic data to staff commentary or internally developed applications, it is important to easily interact with all of the data arranged to suit you from your desktop or smart device.  Bringing data together supports innovation with insight into all activities and true understanding of multiple locations and assets.

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