A recent report by Drapers on the changing relationship between retailers and landlords revealed that communication and the importance of sharing information is key to achieve the shared goal of thriving high streets and shopping centres. Edward Cooke, chief executive of Revo, commented: “There has historically been a lack of transparency around trading information, for understandable reasons. But increasingly, sharing information means there are things property owners can do to support retailers, whether it’s a marketing campaign or a promotion, or even moving a retailer to another part of a centre. It comes down to trust and a genuine understanding of one another’s businesses.”

Our experience shows that a data hub which provides clear analytics to both retailer and landlord can support what is sometimes an adversarial relationship.  The transparent sharing of information not only arms retail professionals with essential insights, it also paves the way for honest dialogue based on accurate data.

Drapers reports that dialogue, flexibility, and a willingness to trial new solutions are the key to strengthening this all-important relationship.  And as Edward Cooke, of Revo concludes: “There’s more that unites us than divides us.”Read the full Drapers article here

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