If forecasts for the next big consumer and retailer disruption trends do it for you, then you will be as excited as us for the Shopping Centre Management Conference and Revo ACE Awards next month.

We have a hunch that the trend for customisation will continue to redefine retail.  When customers purchase a product they want choices beyond personalising it with their name. They want it to truly fit and enhance their lifestyle.

The same can be said for retail intelligence solutions.  Sure it is nice to see a management platform with your branding, but retail is being redefined by solutions that fit and enhance your brand and business culture.  Not just a front of house phenomenon, retailers, centre managers and investors should be offered customisation too.

Picture a plain pair of trainers and all the colours in the rainbow to choose from.  Now add laces, a different midsole, then choose a colour for the tongue text logo, and okay, okay, sometimes too many choices can be overwhelming.  Building business intelligence solutions for shopping malls, outlets and retail portfolios has given us the experience to provide a management platform with 1-click preset reporting, but it also comes with a plethora of choices and versatile data-mining tools.

Customise your dashboard or visualisations to get data delivering for you.  Retail Advantage is helping our clients achieve a better ROI from multiple data sources with the best view on data personalised to each business role.  From trainers to tech solutions, customised products will prosper. 

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