Customers are more connected than ever and companies are still playing catch-up.  You can benefit greatly from the wealth of data generated by connected customers, but not all data is equally useful.  By connecting data sources in an efficient way you can benefit with a live view of changes, generate value and be a real-time business. 

1. Control more through your smartphone

This is not only the era for the connected customer, we are also able to control more and more of our work through our smartphones.  Do away with multiple spreadsheets that require constant attention from staff. Live and accurate data that can be accessed from your tablet or mobile gives genuine insight on your situation at a glance, allowing you to make fast, informed decisions.

2. Provide views on data designed for different roles across your business  

Our experience shows that businesses benefit by expanding access to data with views tailored to a variety of roles and users.  From summaries that can be understood at a glance, to data views that can be manipulated to extract deeper understanding –   real-time reporting becomes really beneficial when there is versatility in analysis.

3. Tailored real-time communication 

Big data, small data, internal, external, observational – information comes in many ways.  The best intelligence tools translate data into insights that suit your needs at the time of access. Our management platform Retail Advantage not only collects and verifies data, it provides a toolset for communication that instantly arms colleagues and clients to make informed decisions with confidence.

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