Here we take the most popular New Year’s resolutions and apply them to retail business, so we can all maximise our chances of not giving up by February.

#1 Lose Weight

With the pool of data available expanding more quickly than waistbands on Christmas day, cutting-down on spreadsheets and reporting methods that require constant attention from staff is a must.  People count data, traffic and flow counters are often delivered from different providers in many different formats.  

A retail management platform makes multiple data sources more digestible.  With the right solution, you can combine footfall, customer monitoring systems, leasing and marketing systems with sales, budget and other KPIs to achieve an instant, streamlined view of business performance.  

#2 Be More Active

Think of all the time you could be acting on strategies rather than spending too much of it analysing, trying to make sense of the data.  

With a cloud-based solution, staff at disparate locations can produce detailed reports with regularity and confidence-in-accuracy, working from the same live data.  Many modes of analysis can be automatically generated with one-click – freeing staff huge amounts of time to act on the analysis.

Our experience even shows that staff who did not previously require access to data can find real-time summaries beneficial, and now use data to be more agile in their daily tasks. 

#3 Learn Something New

At the rate retail moves, we have to be learning constantly.  Did that personalisation event increase sales or just engagement?  Why is that brand vastly outperforming brands in that category?  Efficient, simple reporting processes deliver our clients freedom to explore new ways of learning from performance, so they can further understand and capitalise on the changing retail environment.

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