Telegraph Business Reporter feature with ART's Gareth Jordan

Analytics in the Age of Sharing

New tools and practices are redefining retail and leisure environments, but as technology advances and the pool of data available expands, the goal is not to remove humans from the equation but instead to empower them.

There has rightly been a huge push to deliver a connected customer experience. The Retail Advantage platform expands on this concept, communicating and sharing live information to connected stores, supporting retail efforts. The aim is to help create a community where asset managers, shopping centres, outlet villages and retail parks can work together with retail brands to get the best performance; fuelled by up-to-date information.

Our experience shows that businesses benefit by expanding access to data, with views and insights tailored to different roles. From corporate-level analysis covering multiple retail sites, units or geographies, to day-to-day operational reporting, access to analytics at the right time and in the right format for different users is invaluable.

Today we understand the value of data, which makes it even more frustrating when it is not processed effectively and cannot live up to its potential.

By connecting different data sources and making these more widely available, you can provide answers about progress for all sorts of questions through correlations and trends.

Imagine if instead of sifting through data, you could focus more energy on putting in-place strategies that genuinely reap the highest return.

ART Software Group has been working with strategic analytics in retail since 2006, and using this experience we created the Retail Advantage platform. This software has been developed with a deep understanding of the industry and what information makes a difference.

As the future of retail unfolds and we continue to shape the spaces we live in, network and play, it will become increasingly important to measure success in new ways. Data will drive this and inform us as we innovate and experiment.

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