Case Studies

Words from our clients...

“We have actively used it as a team for a while, but we are just going live with the brands with the reopening, so we are still at the beginning in terms of exploring the KPI analysis and heat mapping tools. We used to provide all communications to brands over email, and now Retail Advantage has become our true platform for sharing information.”

Bettina Wewetzer

Senior Retail Manager at designer outlets Wolfsburg
``At a local level, Retail Advantage helps us make strategic decisions and determines how we operate. The data, for example, is used to review sales performance and densities to compare categories geographically across the centre, allowing for identification of areas which would benefit from additional footfall. This in turn can be utilised to turn these quieter areas into hubs of activity through innovative use of space such as soft play, picnic areas and events.``

Catherine Holmes

Centre Manager at Affinity Lancashire
``Retail Advantage has been really useful over the lockdown period, but for me, and my team strategically, we can look at trends, we’re able to monitor like for like, and we can see how various categories are growing. It also supports our leasing work. For example, we had a great brand onsite last week, and we were able to talk to them about the athleisure category and how that was growing month on month and how it compared to mixed fashion or menswear or ladieswear in confinement.``
Sue Shepherd

Sue Shepherd

General Manager – London Designer Outlet
“Regular updates on learnings and sharing new ideas and innovation have become even more important this year. Trends and behaviours have changed rapidly and the need for immediate communication has definitely increased.”

Colin Wilding

Senior Centre Director of Gunwharf Quays